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Rock fusion style rendition of a famous Indian classical Darbari Kaanada composition, with symphonic string legatos, electric guitar riffs and contemporary style piano.


Production:      MZQ entertainment

Lead vocals:     Adithya Srinivasan

Jazz vocals:             Yanna Fabian

Flute:             Parth Chandiramani

Piano and orchestration:      Sonaljit

New Releases

"It is a very commendable effort fusing classical music with Western elements" (Devanke)

- Padmashree Hariharan


"incredible sense of orchestration" (Dreaming the Afterlife)

- Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus


"beyond anything I have heard in this field for quite  time ... I dare you the constant listener and reader to buy this album and not be impressed! " (Dreaming the Afterlife)

- OneWorldMusic/Steve Sheppard


"The amalgam of instruments coinciding (versus clashing) illustrates his understanding of composition and instrumental harmony as well as his desire to bring to light the use of different types of ethnic instrumentation"

(Dreaming the Afterlife)

- Christopher West, SkopeMag


"robust underlying classical piano approach despite being completely self-taught" (Dreaming the Afterlife)

- Michael Debbage,

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© Sonaljit Mukherjee, 2013

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